Thirteen's Spring

the moving art collective · Ages 10+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere


“This show is brilliant. It left you wanting more. And you could completely relate to all of the characters. The performances were just perfectly wonderful. Everyone should see this!”

“Definitely don’t want to miss this one! Nora King’s performance is the heartbeat of this powerful portrait of a young girl on the verge of womanhood whose life is about to change in the most profound way.”

UNIQUE! Fascinating, incredibly acted, a beautifully crafted piece. The movement element heightened what could have been heavy into a fantastically visually mesmerizing immersion…”

“Unique movement vocabulary, articulate acting, and clever staging illustrate the story of this clever girl whose life was ended too soon. But we aren’t shown the parts we know already. We are instead given a chance to see her as a fully dimensional being, and not just as a symbol for the tragedy of war. We delight in her curiosity, we feel for her, and we know what awaits her- the play makes you love this girl who you know history will take away.”

Thirteen’s Spring, written by Amanda Jane Shank, is a poetic take on The Diary of Anne Frank and the stories of families affected by the Holocaust. This delicate coming of age piece explores the universal relationship between father and daughter, the strength and sweetness of young love, and the dangerous events surrounding so many come to life through movement, text and powerful use of ensemble.

Inspired by the three weeks of Anne Frank’s life before she and her family disappeared into hiding, THIRTEEN’S SPRING is a gestural exploration of both the individual and family stories surrounding the Holocaust. Occurring in an atmosphere of nostalgia, this play is an homage to the affect these world events has had on generations.

The Moving Art Collective has performed previous works in Europe and Brazil and been awarded artistic residencies by The Department of World Arts and Culture at UCLA and the Center for New Performance at CalArts. Most recently, it shared the work-in-progress of CEM at the REDCAT Studio in Los Angeles.

Production Team

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