Charlotte's Shorts

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Welcome to your new guilty pleasure. Charlotte’s Shorts is the taco truck of comedy. Fast, cheap and delicious. There’s something here for everyone. This 1 hour live comedy show features six of the world’s greatest actors reading short works of fiction written by Charlotte Dean. You’ll get a glimpse into the minds of the most authentic, loveable, self-centered, clueless and downright awful people you never want to meet (but probably already know).

“Charlotte’s Shorts is the freshest showcase of creative writing and storytelling to grace the stages of Hollywood in a while. And given the sheer variety of the stories, it’s incredible that they all flowed from the same writer’s mind.” -Xaque Gruber, Huffington Post

Pool of actors: Lynne Marie Stewart, Mindy Sterling, Hannah Einbinder, Bridget Sienna, Anastacia McPherson, Andrew Friedman, Andrew Leeds, Mike Rose, Annie Sertich and Kevin Kirkpatrick.

Most are either former or current members of The Groundlings and are known for their original character work. Charlotte’s Shorts is directed by Charlotte Dean and Emmy Award winning writer/producer Tracy Newman.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran