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theatre · the meus productions · Ages 16+ · Canada

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Theresa is sexy, seductive, and mentally challenged. Worshipped by her boyfriend, she turns tricks at $5, is addicted to Tim Hortons doughnuts, lies without thinking, and overflows with endless kindness, but she continues to hold on to her limitless innocence. A tough, brilliant play about Theresa and three other down-and-outers in Kingston, The Crackwalker captures the music, the dialect, and the unpretty realities of the inner-city.

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A father rules a made-up nation with his family as his only subjects. When his son takes the mission too far and his daughter questions everything, he fights for power in the face of family, country, and reality.

Straight White Men #trying to Woke

5 comedies about confused white guys FANDOM–contemplating politics POLITE RACISM–analyzing ethnicity SUICIDE PACT–tolerating millennials BRITTLE TROMBONE–fretting money FANTASY FOOTBALL–grasping identity