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world premiere
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June 11, 2011

My overall impression

Theatre critic from Stage and Cinema here. MILFORD may be a mixed bag, but I recommend it for one main reason: belly laughs! There were some truly inspired moments of hysterical lunacy in this espionage parody musical about a science fair, nuclear bombs, spies and first love. The music, although jaunty and fun, is a bit repetitive in its structure, but there are some inspired lyrics. (The actors MUST project more to be heard over the musicians: please, more soft pedal on the piano and more brushes on the drums!)

Matthew Boehm gives a stellar performance as Richie, the Science Fair whiz kid – he really mines some comic gems. Tracy Podell has some choice moments as his lab assistant/love interest Penny (would that she had a more powerful singing voice, however).

This high-camp show was handed over to a cast that often pushes way too hard for laughs; camp, like farce, must be played for seriousness or it can become lulling. As such, the show feels somewhat convoluted by the end, and could use some judicious cutting. But just as I felt like the show was losing me, a moment would come along that still makes me laugh when I think about it.

A Urinetown/25th Annual Spelling Bee/Re-Animator-esque outing that definitely is a promising musical. Support this outing and give the creators FEEDBACK!

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