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world premiere
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June 11, 2011
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My overall impression

Incredibly fun with bright bouncy witty songs. I won’t bore you with a synopsis since I’ll assume you can look up. Let me ask you though. Do yo like fun? Do you like to laugh? Good then go see the show. Reminiscent of the Putnam county spelling bee, and Dr. Strangelove this wacky tale does a lot of things I hate about modern musicals. In particular it has a great deal of self aware camp. However, it is executed so well I found myself actually enjoying myself.
That is not to say the production doesn’t have problems. Even thought the orchestra consists only of a piano and drums, the actors were occasionally drowned out by the music. The poor dears were singing their little hearts out but occasionally were working so hard they’d loose the pitch.
Also the script kind of falls apart in the last few minutes of the show. With a bunch of last minute switches and revelations that after awhile become a little incomprehensible.
Despite those minor flaws this is a great way to spend your evening and your money. I highly recommend it and would love to see it again.

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