Gilda: A Tribute to the Beloved Comedienne Gilda Radner

solo performance · helena k cosentino · United States of America

one person show

Gilda Radner, one of the most iconic and beloved comediennes of our time will be honored in this one-woman performance. This tribute will pay homage to some of Gilda’s infamous characters and quirky musical numbers. Gilda used humor and laughter to get through the struggles and cruelty of a life cut short, from being the fat kid to a young woman on top of her game struck with terminal cancer. Her comedy truly made fun of the very things she battled. This show is for all us who loved watching her on SNL each week and also for the younger generations to transport them back to a time where humor was innocent yet edgy and poignant. Gilda is a classic and timeless force that will live with us for generations to come. This show is dedicated to anyone going through Cancer or any challenging event, hoping to capture and share a glimpse of Gilda’s amazing spirit and inspire laughter through life.

“Cosentino submerges herself into her performances. Her characterizations and character development always elicit an appreciative ovation from the audience…Cosentino sparkles as Radner and brings the joy and exuberance of Radner’s spirit to each character.” Bob Evans AXS Contributor

Proceeds from the performance are donated to the local Cancer Support Community in Gilda’s Honor. If you want to make a larger donation please use codes csc15 and csc20.

Production Team

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