The Songs of the Fall

musicals and operas · ben boquist · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 23, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

They did a great job with the set design, particularly utilizing the characters to change it between scenes. However, this was the only element that stood out to me. Most of the songs sounded similar. For anyone familiar with the story of Adam & Eve, a lot of the story is retreading ground that’s been covered lots of times before, and it doesn’t mix it up or provide a unique spin on it. The parts of the story set in modern day felt very pat, none of it was that gripping or engaging.

I think it could be helped a lot by embracing the humor. There were a few good laughs, but most of the story was played straight. If it were funnier, it would likely be a lot more enjoyable.

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