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2015 Fringe Runway

events & workshops · hollywood fringe · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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Calling all designers and lovers of spectacle! Mark your Fringe calendars for FRINGE RUNWAY – Wednesday, June 17 at Fringe Central!

The FASHION FACTION contest starts at 8pm and the CATWALK featuring live music begins at 9pm (details on how to apply down below). Red Carpet designer Octavio Carlin will be joining Hollywood Fringe Celebrities Lyla Karug and Roger Wodehouse as our Celebrity Guest Judge on the FRINGE RUNWAY judging panel.

APPLY FOR CATWALK: Time to strut your stuff! Any Fringe Production can enter into one or more of the following Categories:
If you can move it, we wanna see it!

A single production can enter in multiple categories but only once within the same category (i.e. you may submit your set piece AND a costume, but not two individual costumes from the same show). However, you may also enter as a group—your ensembled entourage will be judged as a whole within a given category.

Submit your entries to the CATWALK by emailing Zay Weaver, Special Events Coordinator, at [email protected] before 5pm on Tuesday June 16th. Please include “CATWALK” in the subject line and the following in the body:
-Contact Name and Phone
-Name of Designer
-Title of Show
-Category (Costume, Prop, Set/Lighting)
-Cost of submitted piece (optional – there is a Nifty Thrifty prize to be claimed, however!)

Enter this contest a la “Project Runway” in which participants will have one hour to design and execute a costume using a provided box of mystery supplies and a Fringe volunteer model. To enter the FASHION FACTION contest, email Zay Weaver, Special Events Coordinator, at [email protected] before 5pm on Tuesday, June 16th. Please include “FASHION FACTION” in the subject line and your name(s), phone number, and show title in the body of the email.

ENJOY the Spectacle! Fashionistas, fanboys, and flash photography all welcome. Come grace our catwalk, plug your show, and show off your awesome!

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