Sleeping Around

Drama · theatre unleashed · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 28, 2015 original article

My overall impression

Hollywood Fringe mainstay Theatre Unleashed returns with the World Premiere of Sleeping Around written by Cesar Abella. Abella and Theatre Unleashed have stunned at the Fringe twice before in 2012 and 2014’s productions of 25 Plays per Hour, featuring Abella’s knockout monologue “White Satin. Clean Lines.” This new full-length work centers on a chain of sexual encounters. Each new encounter features one of the characters from the previous scene – Angela sleeps with Donnie; Donnie sleeps with Elizabeth, Elizabeth sleeps with Ryan – until the entire cast of 9 has each been featured in two scenes.

The challenge with a show like this is finding ways to keep the pairings fresh, varied, and believable. After all, each character must be in a life situation that leads to having 2 sexual partners within a short time span – and their latest encounter must mean something different to them then their last. If the show is too familiar, the audience will be bored; too outlandish, and the show won’t resonate. On this count, the play mostly succeeds, though it stalls a few times along the way….

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