Sleeping Around

Drama · theatre unleashed · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 24, 2015

My overall impression

Anyone who has attempted to navigate online dating will appreciate this look at how intertwined all of our lives have become. Each scene in this one act concerns a couple, with one member of each couple proceeding into the next scene with a different partner. No situation is exactly the same and yet each seems so familiar. From a casual hook-up with no names exchanged, we go on to meet that man’s wife who is suffering from cancer and has encouraged him to go out and find his next lover so he won’t be alone. Tender and heart-wrenching.

We then watch as this woman hooks up with a young bartender who turns out to be a virgin. Next the bartender hopes to use he new found lovemaking skills on a bubble-headed blonde. Then it’s the blonde and her boyfriend who just wants to break up with her as she chatters on and on.

Next it’s the jerky boyfriend hooking up with his true love who just happens to be a man he has been in love with for the past 3 years! And so it goes for a few more scenes, proving eventually everyone who is dating online is bound to meet each other!

And we have been these people or certainly have known these people in our own lives!

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