U and Me and My Best Friend P

solo performance · abby · Ages 8+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show world premiere

It’s happening again!
U and Me and My Best Friend P has been extended!
The lovely Jessica Hanna over at the Bootleg Theater offered U and Me and My Best Friend P an encore slot! And you don’t have to be Perfikt or Patriotic to Partake! Just Present!

Thursday, July 9th at 7:30pm


“This show is just freaking fun and funny and unexpected. Not to be missed. Especially if you find the English language to be awesome!”

“There are not many people who are a force to be reckon’d with—Abby is one of those people.”

“I loved every minute of it and wanted more, more and more!!!”


U and Me and My Best Friend P is a romp through the fertile mind of Abby Schachner. Creator of over ten solo shows, covering topics such as abortion, fear, eating disorders, intimacy, all in a artful, humorous and poignant ways. Last year’s fringe hit, ‘Schachner Vs. Schachner’ was a true story of family, identity, and attempted murder. This year, Abby shook things up with U and Me and My Best Friend P— the ANTIDOTE to all things Schachner vs. Schachner!

Words and Worlds!
Love and Letters!
Deconstructed fairy tales for modern children.
Modernized tales for vintage children.
And just the right amount of ‘happy endings’ where we won’t get shut down.

Get tix ONLINE here… http://hff15.org/2400

and see you on thursday, july 9th if you’re free
at 7:30!

Discount Code: #UandMeNP
Use it if you wish! there’s dealzzzz!

U and Me was part of the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival!

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran