Dating: Adults Embracing Failure

broken heart productions · Ages 12+ · family friendly · United States of America

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June 16, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

This is the absolute perfect fringe show to take a date to. It’s cute, witty, snappy and charming. The play is really a series of vignettes that all connect within each other and some fun pickup (and breakup) patter to round it all out.

Josh Lanzet & Lindy Voeltner spin through each character and relationship with ease, including each unique physicality and voice. The two clearly have comedic timing command of the material and the acting chops to go dramatic when the material requires it. Josh plays the guitar well too. A little 16th note riff in between strumming was about as easy as putting hot butter on toast. Lindy sings right along with confident harmonies and keeps the audience laughing.

If you are looking for a show that will make you think a little, laugh a lot and smile then this would be a solid pick.

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