Devon's Diary: The True Account of a Fictional Life

solo performance · jennifer howd · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 30, 2015 certified reviewer
tagged as: riveting · Raw · Haunting · aural · stark · excellent

My overall impression

The hallway prior to entering the stage is a visual arts exhibit. Pages ripped from a diary, the hospitalization records assessing the patient’s capacity to harm herself, a jagged, pixelated video shot during a drug-fogged car trip. Contextual crumbs that lead us down the road to meeting “Devon” and hearing her painful, searching drug-driven New York lifestyle where she eventually implodes. Jennifer Howd is riveting to watch as she reads from “Devon’s” diary. Her self-designed soundscape takes you into her world. Rain outside her NY apartment, self-composed music that speaks of yearning and pain, a crowded Mexican restaurant. It’s a full sensory experience brought to you entirely by Jennifer. Just a riveting, brave, special show. It only had one performance at the Fringe but look for a future showing. Not to be missed.

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