Two Girls One Bard: Romeo & Juliet

comedy · the illyrian players theatre co. · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 10, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

Hilarious is an understatement for Two Girls, One Bard: Romeo & Juliet. This is a MUST SEE SHOW! Short and sweet- not to mention so freaking funny, I can honestly say I did not stop laughing throughout the entire 30-ish minute show. I may or may not have peed my pants on more than one occasion (sorry/not sorry) out of laughing too hard. Seeing these two ladies perform every single character (yes, every single character), sometimes portraying multiple characters in the same scene against each other and themselves, was fascinating, entertaining, and too funny for words. I will never read Romeo and Juliet the same way again after seeing this show – I’ll keep hoping the characters in the original will be like how Alison Elliott and Peggy Sinnott portrayed them in this show. Don’t know squat about Shakespeare or Romeo and Juliet? Doesn’t matter! You’ll learn all you need to know about this classic love story from these couple of jerks*. (*Talented and comedic jerks) With the right amount of humor, romance, and butt jokes, you’re in for a real treat when you see this. By far, one of the funniest and most creative adaptations of Romeo and Juliet I’ve ever seen. So, GO SEE IT. You won’t regret it.

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