No Ex'p Required...

ensemble theatre · cdc productions · Ages 17+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 07, 2015
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My overall impression

The performances were great. It was surprising how relevant the topic at hand continues to be then and now. The period of 90s NY was believable. It is set in October 2000, but it is only the infancy of the new millennium, so I still feel its’ newness and feel the 90s.
If there was one scene that went long, it was the nosey neighbor. She (the nosey neighbor) provided herself a platform that seemed to push a point. Less is more. Let us feel for each woman.
The ending monologue performances left us hopeful for our lead couple and that’s all we can ask of the playwright. Give us a reason to care.
Both Marquel Skinner as Emily Winter and Alexander Roberts as Peter Maddox gave solid performances. The tears glistening in Skinner’s eyes in the final scenes, gave me from the far corners of the theatre, an up close window into her heart. I felt her pain. Roberts indecisive Peter was just annoying enough, as his character, that I did want to slap him. Bravo Skinner and Roberts!
Other memorable performances Claire Kirk, Mrs. Wronski a.k.a. Nosey Neighbor and Lane Allison as Beth.
Christopher Carver’s show had one challenge in Hollywood Fringe the Complex Theatre that maybe can’t be fixed. The noise bouncing off the walls and overhead from simultaneous performances in other theatres leave us with a few missed pieces of dialogue at times. A discussion after leaving the theatre made me realIze I wasn’t the only one.
All in all, No Ex’p Required was a thought provoking evening’s entertainment.

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