ensemble theatre · alternative art styles · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere

Promo Video: https://vimeo.com/126659046

Website: Therearenoends.com

(Due to limited tech time, projections will not be present in the Hollywood Fringe showing of “IamI.”)

“IamI” is a play that places Heaven in outer space. It is a multimedia dreamscape that illuminates the complexities of death by unifying sacred themes, the animalistic nature of humanity, and the scientific perspectives of academia. “IamI” features completely original content including an elaborate musical underscore, astral projections, and experimental animations.

The narrative is centered upon an immortal being with a mirror for a face. This being, Iam, is joined by a woman who has drowned, a man that has been ritualistically sacrificed, an explorer, and a clairvoyant. After joining Iam, each of the characters tries to apply meaning to life in a place that makes death seem like an illusion.

“IamI” was written and staged using a new theatrical technique called “The Destruction Method.” The philosophy of Destruction is centered on the purity of Nothingness, and the writing technique is characterized by seemingly unrelated actions sporadically interrupting the natural flow of individual scenes. The Destruction process in staging requires the actors to make bold, seemingly inconsistent physical choices that create friction between the actor, the movement, and the text.

“IamI” was developed with the help of California Institute of the Arts, and it has been workshopped at REDCAT

Learn More at vimeo.com/126659046

Production Team

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