Dear Hollywood: A modern day actress from a bygone era

solo performance · just wright · Ages 10+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show
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June 15, 2015
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My overall impression

What a fun show! It’s a slice of life depicting a young and naïve actress, from a small town, who is compelled to move to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a star. It’s also about the wacky and zany characters she encounters. Julisa Wright is an incredibly gifted comedienne! Her timing is fantastic! Her characters are very amusing! Her versatile voice, facial expressions, and physical humor are remarkable! She is charming and witty. She is truly talented – and funny, funny, funny! The laughs keep piling up! I’m a tough customer regarding comedy, and the show provided me with almost non-stop laughter! Judging from the reaction and the continuous laughter emanating from the rather sizable audience, I wasn’t alone. My friend and I went on a whim and didn’t know what to expect. Boy, were we pleasantly surprised! This play is hilarious! I’m a little embarrassed heaping on praise because some people will think I’m her friend, or have some other interest, and am making this up. I am not. Please trust me, I have never met Ms. Wright in my life, until after the show for about 30 seconds, and only to tell her how great she and her play are. I hope people recognize her unique talent and reward her efforts. Go see this play! Highly recommend!

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