Sin, A Pop Opera

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world premiere
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GRAYDON SCHLICHTER certified reviewer June 13, 2015
First things first, if this is what a pop opera is I need more of them in my life. The music was catchy, the lyrics did their job without getting in the way, and the voices, these performers have pipes! The down and out producer, the rising star, The Almighty himself all turned in great performances worthy of commendation. But there is no way to talk about this show without spending a little extra time on the Devil Herself. Saudia Yasmein (Satana) was simply incredible. Effortlessly bouncing from style to style and genre to genre, never out of step, her voice filled the space even when she was away from the microphone. Even when she wasn't singing, Ms. Yasmein so embodied her role that you never forgot for a moment who was pulling ... full review
LISA K. WYATT certified reviewer June 17, 2015
Sin is an engaging evening. The cabaret staging suits the space of three clubs and they use the atmosphere to their advantage. It explores classic themes with a twist that are worth revisiting. It is a show with its heart on its sleeve. It is not campy or ironic; it is touching and lovely. Saudia Yasmein, Santana, has an amazing voice and an electrifying presence. No moment is wasted. While ingenues can sometimes seem interchangeable, Sarah Kennedy brings strength and a clear, beautiful voice to Faith, not just pretty innocence. The pair of backup dancers served as an emotional chorus, cleverly providing counterpoint to the action in addition to physically filling multiple roles. Part of the joy of fringe is finding new pieces and seei... full review
FERNIE KENNEDY certified reviewer June 23, 2015
Love the whole play, the name a pop opera was misleading, love the story line, the talents of Saudia as Devil beautiful voice and voice control, great body, Rich make a super God, Sarah has beautiful voice and many Biden talents, Christopher play a regular dummy when approached by a hot girl, Kirby and Natalie did outstanding dance moves... full review
GARY BOOHER uncertified reviewer June 23, 2015
The Devil and her sinners have pipes! The talented and attractive singers and back-up dancers rip through this engaging song cycle concert that is a diverse circus of musical styles (all pop, with a little country, bubble gum, ballad, torch, and Tango). Like many musicals at the Fringe, this is a concept album, and it seamlessly flows from song to song to advance the story. All excellent! This road to Hell is paved by great music and dance. Sign me up! And the Devil and these talented sinners should return for an encore run after the Fringe.... full review
CAROL NACE uncertified reviewer June 24, 2015
We are not affiliated with this show or anyone in the Fringe. For an original Fringe show, this was very good. The voices were good and clear. You could easily follow the action even though it was a pop opera. Added plus: it started on time. Kudos to the producer. As soon as the show started, they warned us that it was actually 85 minutes long, so expect 90 minutes from listed opening until ending. Overall: recommend you attend.... full review
LAURA CARSON certified reviewer June 24, 2015
tagged as: stellar singing · fun · cabaret
"Sin" was delightful! The dark and seedy setting of Three of Clubs is perfect for the cabaret style show and lends that right amount of atmosphere. As usual, the Devil is up to her usual tricks - this time manipulating Devlin to secure the soul of Faith or lose his own to her dark desires. The singing talent, especially the women, is so strong. Saudia Yasmein is brilliant as "Santana" with the vocal skill to bring out all the highlights of Scott Claus' fantastic score. Sarah Kennedy as "Faith" is so much more than your run-of-the-mill ingenue. Rich Brunner and Christopher Robert Smith are solid as well though I have to tip my hat to the ladies. Just stellar. A couple of songs earlier on could benefit from some more melodic variation but ever... full review
SUZANNE KENNEDY certified reviewer June 24, 2015
I drove up from San Diego to see SIN last Tuesday and will be back Friday for another viewing. The performers were absolutely amazing and totally made the show come to life. I feel that SIN is worthy of growing up to the Broadway stage. It is screaming to be orchestrated and perhaps expanded a bit here and there. I hope that through these performances, some wealthy producer will discover SIN and take it all the way. Kudos to Mr. Claus and especially to the performers that poured their hearts out! Can't wait to see it again!... full review
CHRISTINA OGUNADE certified reviewer June 26, 2015
Scott Claus has crafted a fun, interesting, layered musical piece here. The cast are all tailor-made for their roles. And they were a joy to watch and listen to. Try your best to see the show. It will be well worth your while.... full review
SCOTT N DAN GREENE certified reviewer June 28, 2015
Sin is a superb show! Witty clever references to other musical styles (such as the work of Kurt Weill), good cabaret staging, and a series of songs far more memorable than a dozen Andrew Lloyd Webber extravaganzas. Sin has a terrific cast who effectively communicate both the music's strength and the show's underlying message. While it is true that the musical's Satan is a knockout, the entire six-person cast (including dancers) are wonderful. I have seen many low budget productions over the years but this is the most professional and entertaining show of its kind I have ever had the pleasure to watch. S. Claus and his wonderful cast have created a night not to be missed.... full review
TEHANA WEEKS uncertified reviewer June 28, 2015
Good show. Saudia Yasmein is fierce. My favorites were the dancers Kirby Harrell and Natalie Williams; they added a great deal to the show and were committed and engaged throughout.... full review