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Four Clowns presents The Halfwits' Last Hurrah

dance & physical theatre · four clowns · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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ELIZABETH STEELE certified reviewer June 18, 2015
tagged as: Acrobatic · raunchy · clowns
This is a fun and impressive show that can easily be used as a template to explore theater's role in a town ruled by the on camera industry. Everyone in the cast makes great use of improv and the setting of a side show attraction allows the audience to revel in the simplicity of entertainment. But the real McCoy in his/her slick white suit is the perfect, lovable villain. The show isn't afraid to have heart when it ends on a sweet ukulele duet. ... full review
TRACEY PALEO, GIA ON THE MOVE (OFFICIAL PRESS) certified reviewer June 05, 2015
tagged as: vaudeville · burlesque · comedy
This is the quirky, ditzy, dirty, vaudeville you’ve been waiting for all year. A potpourri of mayhem with a smile. Highly recommended. ~Gia On The Move (Official Press) ... full review
KURT GARDNER certified reviewer June 16, 2015
tagged as: comedy · clown · dark · surreal · parody · performance
Part comedy revue, part performance piece, The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah is jaw-droppingly surreal, yet its seemingly disparate elements manage to converge into a comprehensible, if bizarre, whole.... full review
STEVEN STANLEY certified reviewer June 24, 2015
Four Clowns have made their triumphant return to the Hollywood Fringe with The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah, their deliciously naughty, delightfully silly, fabulously entertaining tribute to old-time vaudeville and burlesque … and there’s not a clown suit in sight. Click on "Original Article" to read my complete review at full review
MAYANK KESHAVIAH certified reviewer June 28, 2015
The show brought back some classic clowning tropes and techniques, generating consistent laughter from the packed house on closing night. It was also nice that, in the era of CGI, the Internet, and so much artifice, basic slapstick and physical gags still resonate and can engage a modern audience. The interaction with that audience during the show was fun, and the energy and full-on commitment from the performers made for an entertaining evening at the Fringe.... full review
KAT MICHELS certified reviewer June 19, 2015
#ChanceItLA or #DrinkBeforeItLA - I realize that I do not stand in the majority with this opinion, but my initial reaction for this show was #SkipItLA. However, I do need to acknowledge that this wasn't my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean that other people won't enjoy it. That being said, here are the reasons that I was not a fan. The story is contrived and the clowning lacks polish and purpose. The timing is off on 95% of the fight choreography and many of the gags. Their story is about a mediocre performing troupe and they spend too much time establishing that they are mediocre and not enough time showing moments of brilliance to counteract that mediocrity. They also expect you to sympathize with the main character Butterbeans, but within... full review