How I Got Here

solo performance · greg david jones · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show

Greg David Jones is an actor, a comedian, a veteran, and he suffers from bi-polar and PTSD. In this show he tells his stories from joining the Army, gaining and losing friends, coming to Hollywood, discovering his bi-polar, and surviving his own suicide attempt.

Throughout the show Greg finds a way to touch hard to discuss subjects with both sincerity and humor, while leaving space for the audience to feel the emotional impact.

The show premiered at UCB and was extremely well received.

Directed by Justin Donaldson
Justin Donaldson is a director, writer, and editor from Orange County CA. Justin got his start at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA where he was on three house teams, co-created and co-hosted the Tournament of Nerds, & directed hundreds of live shows including Sketch Cram, Maude Night, Quick N’ Funny Musicals, & What’s Going On with Mike Mitchell.

Justin started in television as an editor on shows like Reno 911!, HBO’s Funny or Die Presents, & Key and Peele before moving on to writing and directing.

Justin also makes exclusive content for websites like Funny or Die, The Nerdist, & Jason Bateman’s, where his videos have been viewed millions of times.

Most recently, he has directed and co-written pilots for Comedy Central & FX.

In his free time Justin lectures on Directing and Comedy Writing at Columbia College

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran