I Can Hear You...But I'm Not Listening

solo performance · jennifer jasper · Ages 15+ · United States

one person show

Jennifer is a hilarious storyteller, performer, writer and director who’s been a part of the Northwest theater scene for more than two decades. She’s known for her consummate storytelling, her pristine timing and her intuitive director’s eye. As a improvisational performer Jennifer possesses an uncanny capacity for creating memorable characters that are colorful, often outlandish and always emotionally authentic.

In “I Can Hear You…But I’m Not Listening,” Jasper explores her experiences as the middle daughter in a family of five girls with colorful (and off-color) stories in her own unique storytelling style. From her early efforts at speech therapy to her Laura Ingalls Wilder obsession to her discovery of her grandfather’s “interesting” hobby, Jasper’s expert comic skills and her gift for wringing laughs from the dark and uncomfortable moments of growing up make each performance unique and revealing.

“This autobiographical trip through Jennifer’s childhood is smart, poignant and extremely funny.” —Nancy Guppy, ArtZone

“In an age of boundary-pushing shock comedy, [Jennifer] Jasper traffics in old-school humanistic comedy, and watching the show, I kept thinking of the classic comedy of Carol Burnett, given a 21st-century lesbian twist.” —David Schmader, The Stranger, Seattle

June 12-16 at Theatre of Note

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran