Gimplecapped: A Journey of "Inspiration"

cabaret & variety · sore thumb group · Ages 16+ · United States

world premiere

Bitter Lemons’ “Lemon Lounge” PICK OF THE FRINGE!


Born with 10 toes on your face? Gimplecapped.
Lost a leg to a rabid sloth? Gimplecapped.
Gimpy, crippled, or handicapped by life? Gimplecapped!
Join a crew of abby-normals for vignettes that explore what it is to be different. You’ll laugh, or cry. You might even be inspired. (Or…not.)

Written and Directed by Regan Linton and Laura Alsum

Phillip C. Curry
Jason Dorwart
Molly Fite
Chaz Hodges
Regan Linton
Andrew Manardo
Danvir Singh
Keith Wallace

Incomparable crew: Allen Di Benedetto, Angela Fong, Mallory Kay Nelson

Presented by Sore Thumb Group, a collective of writers, actors, and other artists – of all different physical embodiments – interested in exploring and presenting stories about what it means to be other, outcast, disabled, forgotten, misrepresented, viewed narrowly, abnormal, freakish, retarded, crippled, unwhole, gimpy, broken, injured, voiceless, handicapped, pitied, incapable, crazy, stupid, scary, weird, gross, malformed, deformed, or JUST PLAIN HUMAN.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran