Love Is.

ensemble theatre · bad back productions · Ages 14+ · United Kingdom

world premiere
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June 16, 2014 certified reviewer

My overall impression

What I liked about the play was that there was a mirror held up as to where western culture is now in terms of relationships and how twisted things have become in terms of treating people like objects that are simply there to fulfill our idealistic desires or wish lists, as if picking a partner was an exercise in shopping.

This was a commentary on how deep materialism has gone into our psyches, to the point of the objectifying of people as objects to be disposed of if they do not fulfill our deluded wishes. To me it was a commentary on how far away we have gotten from true love in our culture. It was also a commentary on rampant narcissism, and unrealistic expectations that cause needless suffering, and the inability to see and enjoy and treasure the love and beauty and life that is right in front of us in every moment; it was about cooking up problems where there really are none, and how we as humans cause ourselves and others much needless misery, by our lack of presence, over thinking, objectifying, self-absorption,and greed, which speaks to the human condition and spiritual issues. If we are happy and appreciative with what is, and giving of ourselves, then all is well. But if we are needing things and people to be different for us in order to be happy and we operate from a greedy space of what we can get for ourselves, then we are miserable and we see problems where there are none, even to the extreme point of mindlessly killing life and love.
The acting was pretty good however I thought it would have been more powerful if the actors played their emotions more tightly to the vest, in order to allow the audience to feel their pain.

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