Magnum Opus Theatre Presents

the magnum players · Ages 16+ · United States of America


Every week, hundreds of untrained writers send their unsolicited, unregistered screenplays to Hollywood studios in the hopes that their story will be made into a feature film. Most never even get read… until now!

ENCORE performance: Saturday 7/18 at 8pm
@ The Actors Company 916 N. Formosa Ave West Hollywood 90046

AUDIENCE RAVES for the all new “Magnum Opus”:

“BEST OF FRINGE!!! This script is so awful, it’s brilliant! I am so glad I finally got to meet the MAGNUM OPUS Players, I am a fan!!”

“Non-stop hilarity from an incredibly deft group of performers. Great concept with pitch-perfect delivery. Highly recommended!!! You won’t believe it!”

”Hilarious! I’ve seen a few editions of Magnum Opus, and they’ve all been fun. The Yearbook is something very special.”

“This is one of the best they’ve ever done.”

MAGNUM OPUS THEATRE presents scrupulously faithful renditions of these terrible screenplays performed live on stage… Word for word… We didn’t change a thing… Honest!

Our next Epic Masterwork…. An all new script of epic genius: THE YEARBOOK

“This is going to mess what is left of my reputation.”

Directed by John Wuchte

When High School’s most popular mean girl discovers that all the attention she’s been getting has a dark side, she ditches her alpha clique and takes up with the freaks and geeks. Her former mentor plans revenge, and the student body is rocked by a series of mysterious “accidents."

Cast: Erica Hanrahan-Ball, Rachel Germaine, Monica Greene, Erin Holt, Heather Klinke, Mike Lanahan, Aaron Mendelson, Aviva Pressman, Colin Willkie, Carrie Wiita

Hosted by Thuston Eberhard Hillsboro-Smythe

“…the company’s comic fury is so strong, and its skills so sharp…”
-Steven Leigh Morris, L.A. Weekly

“Sheer Comic Genius"…Side-Splitting History…Go!” -Bill Raden, L.A. Weekly

“…will leave you doubled over with laughter…” -Barnaby Hughes, Stage & Screen

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran