comedy · tba · Ages 18+ · United States

world premiere

Sibyl is doing her best to both please her parents and do well in school; unfortunately for her, Mother and Father are tough customers to please, and to make matters worse, their anniversary is fast approaching and Sibyl is unsure how to properly celebrate the occasion and juggle a huge presentation for Ms. Bind’s class. Her sister Rachel has always been more of a parent to her but now she has mysteriously disappeared, and any mention of her name is enough to send Mother and Father through the roof! But who will take Sibyl to school tomorrow for her presentation? Certainly not Mother nor Father, and most certainly not archaic and decrepit Grandfather. All of this stress to keep up in school, cater to Mother and Father’s needs, be a good daughter, and the heartache over Rachel’s disappearance has killed Sibyl’s appetite. And it couldn’t have happened at a worse time as Mother has just prepared a most magnificent feast. A feast any child would regret not eating… especially if she knew it could be her last.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran