small PARTS

solo performance · misery loves co. · Ages 13+ · United States

one person show


“If you live in the LA area you MUST MUST MUST see Richard Tanner’s one man show “small PARTS” before it goes to Broadway and gets a whole lot more expensive!” — JANET CHARLTON, JANET CHARLTON’S HOLLYWOOD

“small PARTS” is a must see. This is theatre at its very best. Go, by all means, GO!!!" — Academy Award™ winner GEORGE CHAKIRIS

“Whatever, whoever has any interest in solo performance should get their butt over to the Lounge Theater to see Master Tanner.” — JOHN FLECK, performance artist

“small PARTS” shows off the mighty big talents of Richard Tanner as he tells his story of his life in show business. A must see! I loved it!"

“Fresh, funny and touching all at the same time. Highly recommend it!”

“I loved this show!! And if the last line of the show is true, then Richard Tanner can park his Plymouth Fury in my garage any day!”

“The best of all the fringe shows I have seen so far!”

From’s HOT LIST:

“Richard Tanner brings his acclaimed solo show, “small PARTS” to this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival. Part cautionary tale, part irreverent show business commentary, this multi-media piece explores the gap between ambition and reality, and the point at which passion crashes headlong into obsession-with humor, compassion, audience interaction and an arsenal of audio-visual surprises. A poignantly charming, beautifully paced one-man show!"

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Production Team

richard tanner *


corwin evans *

sound and video design

jim fall *


* Fringe Veteran