Angels and Whiskey

dusty bums productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · New Zealand

One of the “Seven Most Anticipated” shows in the fringe!
You’re in Heaven. You hate it. Now what? When John has a heart attack in a bar, he doesn’t immediately notice that he’s dead but he does order another whiskey from the angel of death. Now, stuck in a heaven of his own choosing, condemned to drink the same glass of whiskey over and over for eternity, his misery attracts the attention of Lucifer who is curious to meet someone who has successfully created their own hell in heaven. And the fun begins…
A dark comedy about free will, Angels and Whiskey is the show to see if you want to know what actually happened to Gandhi, Ayn Rand, Shakespeare and the Marquis de Sade once they shuffled off this mortal coil.

production team

charline su *


rachel landis *

stage manager

megan tattersall *

assistant director

* Fringe Veteran