The Last Remnants of Cops, Robbers & Hollywood Cowboys

paris avenue productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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CAROL NACE certified reviewer June 06, 2014
This was a set of monologues. Some of them were very good and very well acted. This show started right on time and finished on time. Great job--this makes it easy to go to multiple shows.... full review
CATHERINE NIELSEN uncertified reviewer June 06, 2014
Tom Cavanaugh has taken real life stories and presented them without judgement as each actor portrays how choices affect not only the persons life but those around them. Not being an actor, I am always amazed at the amount of work and effort actors take to create their roles. A special thanks for Tom's generosity.... a nice touch handing out the gifts. ... full review
GLENN TARANTO certified reviewer June 06, 2014
Tom Cavanaugh has crafted a wonderful piece about his experiences in Los Angeles. The real life people the actors speak about are a fascinating look into just a few of the folks who have crossed Tom's life. The actors were all wonderful and brought Tom's world to life. It ran about 45 minutes and I enjoyed it so much I would have liked it to be longer. How often do you hear that? In short... Eloquent, funny and moving with marvelous performances. I would highly recommend this piece.... full review
MICHAEL CLINE uncertified reviewer June 23, 2014
tagged as: Great writing
Such great writing and stories from an obviously talented writer. I was pulled in from the very first monologue. This show deserves being expanded into a full fledge production. And can we talk about how friendly and personable Tom is?!... full review
WENDY BECKER uncertified reviewer June 25, 2014
Terrific writing and some truly great performances make this show interesting and fun to watch. The monologues are wonderfully performed.... full review
SANDY MANSSON certified reviewer June 27, 2014
The Last Remnants of Cops, Robbers, and Hollywood Cowboys is a collection of monologues dealing with the "real people of Los Angeles". It is, in fact, an homage to the people of Los Angeles masterfully written by New Yorker, Tom Cavanaugh, and well-acted,especially by Rhonda Christou and Tad Yagi (Joey Cheesecake).... full review
ALLAN STEELE uncertified reviewer June 14, 2014
Tom Cavanaugh's excellent new play is a series of monologues, presenting a cross-section of lives of Los Angelenos. At times funny, at times poignant... always entertaining. Kudos to writer-director Cavanaugh and the diverse, talented cast.... full review
PAM LAWVER uncertified reviewer June 14, 2014
Tom Cavanaugh has written a sharp, insightful set of monologues which describe the characters he has met in Los Angeles since his move here 10 years ago. From a bittersweet love story about a raver girl who was trying to put her life back together, to a mysterious (and believe it or not, hilarious) account of a dead drug addict just outside of his bedroom window, Tom does a fresh take on what it means to bump into people from Los Angeles. This is a highly-focused, local set of stories which will leave you thinking, "Hey, I've felt that way!" or "There is nothing that surprises me about this city." If you love this city, you'll love seeing its hidden characters come to life - in a big way. This is the perfect show for the Hollywood Frin... full review
ESTELA PEREZ uncertified reviewer June 15, 2014
Just saw The Last Remnants of Cops, Robbers & Hollywood Cowboys. First, all the actors were first rate. They made the stories come to life. The stories were vibrant and touching and heart felt. I enjoyed the writer's voice. It was lyrical and touching. The story of the young runaway was especially well told by recounting one part of her story in the beginning and finishing it toward the end. A very enjoyable look at a transplants experience of moving to LA. Great!... full review
DEVORAH MEDWIN certified reviewer June 16, 2014
There's nothing like the feeling of being swept up in a good show. That elusive combination of writing you want to hear and actors you want to see. The Last Remnants of Cops, Robbers & Hollywood Cowboys does it and does it well. Mid show on the night I was there a pretty loud commotion erupted in the back of the theatre. The actor on stage, brilliantly, registered the disturbance in character and then never skipped a beat. The audience, so deeply engaged in the show was not distracted and the attention stayed on the stage. That's very hard to pull off. I'm looking forward to seeing more work between this writer and these actors. They were all good and all engaging, especially John Ross Clark. I could have watched him all night. ... full review