Cecily by Gillian Plowman

ensemble theatre · cape turnaround productions · Ages 16+ · United States

family friendly
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June 17, 2014 certified reviewer

My overall impression

What an exhilarating experience this Festival is for those of us who love theatre! Gillian Plowman’s “Cecily” makes us enter into the conflicted feelings pertaining to the needs in caring for a brain damaged young person. In back-flashes we get to know what the once vibrant teenager Cecily, played by an impressive Esther Mira, was before the motor accident that made her an invalid. The excellent Dionne Neish gives a heartfelt interpretation of what it might be like to care for a person you love, yet feel a resentment toward. As the sister, the aunt, the professional woman, dL Sams conveys the right attitude of the one who succeeded (escaped) to more or less independence, yet feels guilty.
A heart rendering play I would like to see expanded to a full treatment of this particular theme.
Great performances by three professional actresses! A small note to actors: the conversation on the stage is supposed to be overheard by the audience! A little louder please.
Kerstin Congleton

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