EgoManiac - A Poetic Incantation

ensemble theatre · theatre om · Ages 18+ · United States

world premiere

EgoManiac is a dynamic, highly physical, emotional and spiritual theatrical experience. Told with a modern twist on the classical Greek style, EgoManiac explores the archetypes, the clichés, the comedy and the tragedy of the ego. Former lovers, now married to different people, come together and meet again at a crossroads in their lives. A classical Greek chorus of men and women voice and bring physical manifestation to the egos of the two main characters, coercing, enticing, cajoling, seducing or imprisoning them, all in an attempt to fulfill that universal desire to find and keep love.

The EgoManiac team kindly requests that everyone arrive early. Parking can be troublesome. No late seating will be allowed. This show moves very fast and arriving late will leave you behind. Thank you very much!

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