Obviously Michael

ensemble theatre · obviously michael productions · Ages 10+ · United States

family friendly world premiere

Obviously Michael is a new play currently being adapted from an original short story.

Most people are awful. They yell and they smell and they don’t make any sense. Michael is already pretty sick of it, and he’s only six years old. In order to cope with the illogic of daily life, this precocious introvert constructs his own imaginary castle, filled with elaborate games and experiments. But despite his attempts to ward off dumb questions and irritating peers, they somehow manage to get under his skin.

Performing at The Elephant Space.

Production Team

tori gaines *

actor (convention #1)

zach brown *

actor (convention #2)

kimberly aldinger *

costume designer

shannon dickey *

stage manager

giselly rodriguez *

lighting designer

spencer morrissey *

actor (michael)

katie lyman *

actor (chase)

tanya giang *

actor (carol)

laura steinroeder *


dani roach *

graphic designer

katie kerr *

actor (lindsay)

* Fringe Veteran