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Dark Mondays

ensemble theatre · cre8tive differences · Ages 12+ · family friendly · United States

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“2 actors walk into a theatre…” So begins Dark Mondays, an original comedy written, directed by, and starring AJ Ruiz and Dave Wright. The story begins when AJ and Dave show up at their blackbox theatre to pick up their things, since the theatre is closing down. Imagine their surprise when they find an audience ready and waiting for a performance. So, AJ and Dave, consummate actors that they are, decide to give the audience what they came for. Using multiple characters and audience participation, AJ and Dave create an intimate look at live theatre, from the ground up.

production team

* Fringe Veteran

Captivating. Compelling. Transforming.

$5 OFF NOW. This powerful play will engage, inspire & motivate you. Blends humor & the passion we all share to live an epic life. Mike, in his unconscious moment of death, reaches out to his sons with wisdom to LIVE BIG & with passion & purpose


Can we ever stop paying for the past? Can the person we want to be ever escape the person we are now and were then? What price must be paid for not only our own crimes, but those of people close to us?