Untitled: We're Doing a Play

comedy · equal acts productions · Ages 14+ · United States

world premiere
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June 08, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

What can be said about Untitled: We’re Doing a Play that the title itself doesn’t do ample service? Well actually a lot but don’t let that keep you from attending this animated and humorous depiction of the errors and egos that are part of the creation, or rather inner destruction, of a play that happens to be the suitable embodiment of most stress filled creative projects. Untitled is reminiscent of Christopher Guest’s classic “Waiting for Guffman” as it allows its cast of oddities and straight men (and women) to do what comedy is meant to do, which is taking the familiar and embellishing it for strident effect. There is an appropriate blend of sharp dialogue, pop-culture references, amplified personalities, and well-timed slapstick physical humor within a quick time frame that makes it paradoxically chaotic yet controlled, or rather a sort of systematic chaos filled with wit, personality, and energy. There is a tongue in cheek self-referential satire at the play’s core giving the whole experience a rather light but fulfilling outcome delivering laughs when there is a desperate need for them these days. If there is anyone craving some light-hearted entertainment that also happens to have kinetic character exchanges, a plethora of solid banter, and five talented actors then you should probably take the time to relax, getaway, and most importantly laugh with Untitled: We’re Doing a Play.

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