The Miss Julie Dream Project

ensemble theatre · fell swoop playwrights · Ages 21+ · United States

world premiere

MISS JULIE IS BACK! Come see our show at Son of Semele Theater. Four more performances, September 12-14 at 8pm, September 15 at 6pm.

Check this link for details. Use discount code “stage” for $4 off each ticket.

Kyle’s Facebook Feed: Liquid acid eye sex candy joyous nightmare mind rape tasty lust snack (Marnie Olson)

Bitter Lemons: “Fell Swoop Playwrights’ exploration of modern digressions upon Strindberg’s A DREAM PLAY and MISS JULIE is surreal, smart, and refreshingly funny…. I found myself engaged by the experiment and excited by the promising ambition of this new playwriting collective.” (Kat Primeau)

LAist: “fascinating ideas and an ingenious central narrative device” (Lyle Zimskind) “stew(s) in your subconscious for several days…a fun brain teaser” (Analyn Revilla)

Bitter Lemons: “All the performances were pretty stellar and often surprising. I’m interested to see more from Fell Swoop” (Cindy Marie Jenkins)

At Three Clubs Cocktail Lounge, 1123 N. Vine Street, Los Angeles.

Miss Julie’s crazy again tonight. So is the actress playing her.

Nine members of Fell Swoop Playwrights collaborated to riff on two of August Strindberg’s most famous works, MISS JULIE and A DREAM PLAY. Starting with no outline and very little plan, they’ve written an actor’s nightmare of epic proportions. THE MISS JULIE DREAM PROJECT is the story of one dedicated performer determined to make sense of a wildly rebellious character in an ever-shifting dreamscape.

Production Team

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