comedy · john gilkey and the idiot workshop present · Ages 18+ · United States

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June 23, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

Hate to be the one guy that didn’t love the show as people around me seemed to be enjoying themselves but I found it annoying. The actors were fine but I felt like I was watching an actors workshop or a rehearsal. The director (John I think) would walk up in stage and give directions to the actors as if he was coaching them privately. The problem is, we all could hear him. The director constantly got up, commanded people around the stage and would interrupt the actors as they were trying to improv. He was too in control of things.

There were three actors that stood out to me. The two girls and Alec. The one girl who was drooling because she hadn’t been kissed, reminded me of an S&L character. She was very funny and I personally think she made the show. The other girl, brunette, was the opposite type of character as the other girl and I could easily see her on The New Girl TV show. She had a quality and innocence about her that was welcoming. Alec, well, you can just tell he had a genius mind. There was something about his approach, his delivery and his casualness that drew me in. Congrats to you three.

The other actors were good but nothing as stand out as the above mentioned.

Tim might have been my least favorite actor out of the bunch. I found the director trying to control him the most and it was very distracting. Tim tried way to hard to be over the top, obscure and edgy; all which did not work for him.

For $10 per person, I say get out of the house and go see it. If it was more than $20 a person, I would have asked for my money back.. I rated it a 5 out of 10 mad my wife, which totally surprised ,e because she is way , more into the arts as I am, only have it a 2 out of a 10 stars!

Support the Fringe concept and arts as they are trying to get people out and experience something new. It is a great deal, lots of talent and well worth it no matter the price.

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