Ryan is Lost

comedy · awake/unafraid · Ages 14+ · United States

world premiere
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EMILY DONN certified reviewer June 15, 2013
I had such a good time at this show. The acting was terrific, the script made me laugh at things I would normally NEVER find funny, and I hung on every moment of the show. A+... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 15, 2013
Sick! Twisted! Funny! Brilliant!... full review
AMBER RUFFIN certified reviewer June 16, 2013
Ryan Is Lost was wonderful! It was perfectly performed. I felt like I was actually in a mall eavesdropping on a brother and sister who lost their nephew. I've never felt worse for 2 people in my whole life. This show is the reason I'm going to see as many fringe shows as possible this year. Brilliant!... full review
AARON FRANCIS certified reviewer June 15, 2013
Ryan really is lost. So are the two stars of this show. Completely and utterly lost. And they have no hope of getting found. In fact I suspect they have no interest in being found or saved. It's difficult to tell what is real and what isn't in this hyperreal absurdist new work. Our stars are dealing with troubled pasts and personal demons and hidden secrets and they're all bubbling up now that they realize that they have lost something very important, something good and pure. And the odds are pretty good that they'll never find anything good or pure again as they're haunted by past horrors that won't leave them alone. All of the intellectual material that this play makes you wrestle with is all well and good, but what this play has that make... full review
MARIAN GONZALEZ certified reviewer June 15, 2013
Absurdist terror! Two siblings argue over how to handle a desperate situation. The dialogue is sharp, and clever. The pacing is fast, as fits a situation like this. Though for it's speed, you never lose the dreadful feeling that something is very wrong, and no one is going to fix it.... full review
LAUREN VAN KURIN certified reviewer June 17, 2013
I love this writer! Nathan Wellman is someone to watch out for. I really enjoyed this 2 person dark comedy. It seemed nobody in the audience really wanted to leave the theatre after the show. Get your tickets now before the run sells out! ... full review
ERIK ENGMAN certified reviewer June 16, 2013
Moving and poignant story of a brother and sister who wait endlessly for their nephew Ryan. Somewhat absurdist, very passionate and marvelously addicting. Definitely worth checking out. ... full review
ELIZABETH MIHELICH certified reviewer June 22, 2013
You'd be missing an incredible experience if you missed this play. Leslie Murphy is a powerhouse, magnetic, charming, heartbreaking and maddening all in one! Go see Ryan is Lost if you get the chance, you won't be sorry!... full review
GARY GOLDMAN certified reviewer June 22, 2013
Real and allegorical at the same time. Just two characters but infinite variety. ... full review
KRISTIN MILES PALMER certified reviewer June 24, 2013
An engaging story that kept me on my toes alternating between periods of comical delight and dark intensity. Terrifically acted by Leslie Murphy and David Haverty, this show is a must see!... full review