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JENNIE WEBB certified reviewer June 14, 2013
Originally posted on Bitter Lemons - "Fringe Femmes" It's billed as a "Southern Gothic Tale," but whatever that means to you, don't go looking for the avant-garde or much of the Fringe factor here. Lily Mercer's "Before a Fall" is a straight-ahead, often chilling drama that centers on one good Christian family, in a small town where what happens in a barn, stays in a barn. Until it all goes terribly wrong. Or wrong-er. The villain - aside from the town's shut-your-eyes-and-look-to-God mentality - is the Rev. Jack Hawkins, and Worth Howe plays him with a suitable creep factor. The innocents are young Darla June and Lala, who've learned to stay away from Grandpa, especially when he's drinking. Allie Costa and Ja... full review