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Two Rooms

ensemble theatre · a bluegum production · Ages 15+ · Australia

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LA Weekly: “A powerful production” and “top 5 GO shows of Fringe”

The Tolucan Times: “…tense story…talented cast”

The Actor’s Reporter: “A hugely moving story”

And the patrons concur:

“Truly, one of the best productions have seen in 13 years of LA theatre!”

“A rock solid cast – this is a must see on the L.A. Theater scene!”

“A riveting play, outstanding cast, sensitive direction and beautiful original music”

“Exceptionally moving piece made possible by rock solid performances”

TWO ROOMS, written in 1988 by American playwright Lee Blessing, is the story of Michael and Lainie Wells. Michael, an educator in Beirut, is kidnapped and held prisoner by terrorists amid the now infamous Lebanon hostage crisis of the 1980’s. Meanwhile, back in America, Lainie determinedly clears out Michael’s office so that she can live as she imagines he is living. Michael’s cell and Lanie’s self-created prison are the ‘two rooms’ of the play. By using their imaginations to communicate through these rooms, they try to evaluate what their lives are now, how to live them, and how they got there in the first place.

Throughout the play, Lainie pursues Ellen, a State Department employee, to bring Michael home. Lainie is in turn pursued by Walker, a reporter hungry to expose the ineptitude of the government. As events in the Middle East begin to spin out of control, the possibility of bringing Michael safely back home becomes more tenuous.

Lee Blessing takes us through a gripping and uncompromising investigation of the impact of hostage taking on those directly involved. The play is crafted as a thrilling journey which fully engages in the psychological, moral and political transformations experienced by the characters; making us question our own beliefs, ideological commitments and limitations in the face of unpredictability. A highly intelligent and relevant reflection on the potential and scope of human nature in extraordinary circumstances.

“…the playwright’s eye is penetrating… [Mr. Blessing] reaffirms his authority with timely political questions” —NY Times.

“…a compact and powerful exploration of the hostage-taking of Beirut” -The New Yorker

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belinda gosbee *

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