Double Bind

ensemble theatre · right mistake productions · Ages 18+ · United States

world premiere


“This wonderfully mounted play will keep you laughing and remembering a time when free love, drugs and the search for human liberation was the theme song on every barefooted, flower-wearing young person’s lips at every turn.” ~ Michael St. John, Canyon News.

“Blake Shields Abramovitz, brings both menace and intelligence to Frank… Ceri Bethan is outstanding and always utterly real as Laura… Clark Freeman shines” ~ Sandro Monetti, Actors Entertainment

Audiences are also raving about “Double Bind”:

“Brilliantly written by Blake Abramovitz, this three person ensemble piece takes you on a rollercoaster ride for a short 80 minutes”

“Double Bind” is a gem among Fringe offerings. Blake Abramovitz’s script is fascinating, offering an enticing storyline, well defined characters, and dramatic tension worthy of Edward Albee.”

“The acting, writing and directing are phenomenal in ‘Double Bind’.”

“Double Bind,” a world premiere play by Blake Abramovitz…
Set in present day Los Angeles, “Double Bind” is a raw and poetic two-act drama about two friends, Sam and Frank, who once traveled the world together having wild adventures.

As the play begins, Sam (Clark Freeman), an intellectual and a poet at heart, has settled down with a beautiful, serious-minded woman, Laura (Ceri Bethan), and a real job. But Frank (Blake Shields), a charismatic yet wounded soul, desperately misses the only true friend he ever had. And so, in a misguided effort to get him back, he sets about trying to upend Sam and Laura’s life.

This is a play about the agonizing tension within many of us between freedom, madness and adventure on the one hand, and home, intimacy and family on the other. And just as importantly, it’s about the ways in which early abandonment and neglect continue to restrict our capacity to love as adults.

Production Team

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