ensemble theatre · the vagrancy · Ages 16+ · United States

includes nudity
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NIKKI STARRETT certified reviewer June 26, 2013
GET IT, VAGRANCY! Seriously, how was this show funny? I was promised "stomach churning"! Yet- it was! A dark, bleak, hilarious, and super sexy evening...oh, and the play was great too. Go- for the buzz. Stay- for the acting. Dream- about the knife play. ... full review
TORY SMITH certified reviewer June 25, 2013
I found the play to be enraged with emotion. The rapid fire dialogue and ferocious intensity of the subject matter enthralled me. The entire play was a great mystery of intention, filled with emotional, physical, and sexual tension. To me, I found that the subject of how dysfunctional relationships and intensions can be the very demise of one's soul. And above all, the humor was greatly placed and paced. All three performers were simply fantastic! Gutsy and brave performances. I loved the minimalistic set design, which cause the attention to be solely focused on the actors and their chosen words, which they all handled wonderfully. A great piece of writing, and a great show! ... full review
KAITLIN HUWE certified reviewer June 25, 2013
Buckle up, babes. This show is no joke. Stellar direction, and design, and not to mention ACTING. Wow, I have to say the ladies just tore it up. LAYERS of complexity in relationships, varying levels of inebriation throughout, everyone's high on something, and yet the show remains very grounded. I did not just lol, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. It's dark, funny, twisted, raw, ridiculous, emotional, tragic, and beautiful. Can't wait to see what is next from this amazing creative team. ... full review
STEVE MADAR uncertified reviewer June 09, 2013
This is one of the best plays I've seen in Los Angeles. Here is a show with four incredibly brave, daring, and thoughtful performances held together by thought provoking writing from Tommy Smith, who's bleak vision hearkens back to the dark world of Sarah Kane. Ms. Hart's stylistic direction is also filled with heart as she elicits compassion and love from each of the characters in the coldest of scenes. Hart and her top notch design team manage to get more out of three black walls and four white columns of light than I could've imagined in the stark and beautiful design of this play. This is a play that reveals how the mundane routine of life, left unquestioned, can lead to to the most apocolyptic of consequences and, by extension, can ... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 09, 2013
Wow. Yikes. Bravo. Whoa. What a whirlwind of heart, disgust and raw emotion. I can't stop thinking of this production and cast of beautifully damaged characters and URGE you to buck up and take the journey. Precise, haunting and compelling direction and design- well worth a see!... full review
NINA HARADA uncertified reviewer June 09, 2013
One of THE slickest shows I've ever seen. It's a fast-paced ride through a bleak and dismal world that leaves you with a feeling to be a good human being...or else. The direction is impecable-- stylized and specific. And I particularly liked the lighting/music/costumes combination-- all helped in creating this warped universe. ... full review
ROSEMARY STEVENS uncertified reviewer June 09, 2013
An intense, suspenseful, dark play about people on the edge. Two sisters, a dominating husband... will make the rest of the world seem like The Brady Bunch. The play throws a noose around your neck and drags you into the deepest abyss of family dynamics. The actors rose to the challenge in delivering multi-layered characters who gradually descend into those pitch-black places of humanity. It's like a slow train wreck that you can't take your eyes off.... full review
KARA ZOELLER uncertified reviewer June 12, 2013
I love when you can come away from an experience debating with your friends about what really happened and what it all meant. There was a touch of the surreal that made you question what you were being shown. The characters were dynamic and polarizing and the dialogue was intense and rapid-fire. Even though it left me feeling like I needed to go watch some fluffy sitcoms to balance out the heaviness, I really enjoyed it.... full review
ANDIE BOTTRELL uncertified reviewer June 14, 2013
Tommy Smith's WHITE HOT is a fast paced roller-coaster ride that keeps you on the tip of your toes- as if constantly on the edge of falling into a dangerous and dark unknown. Coupled with the smart and thoughtful direction of Caitlin Hart and the brave and daring performances of Michal Sinnott, Karina Wolfe, Christopher Illing and Arthur Keng, this show is sure to keep you so riveted that by the end you may find yourself gasping for breath. Rarely have I ever been so enthralled with a piece of fictional work that all else fades away- Facebook, twitter, and instagram cease to exist and all that is left is the story unfolding before you. A story that refreshingly questions the way we live our lives, the way we deal with the people in our lives... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 25, 2013
Given the space and Fringe constraints, the creative team put together a very good production, simply but well-designed, well-directed and well-acted. I thought the play had flashes of very good writing and I enjoyed the playwright's nihilism, especially when it was tinged with a touch of reflexive humor. On the whole, though, I found the play a bit too insular, especially given the very late revelation about the characters. At a certain point, it felt like it was circling the same hopeless drain a few too many times.... full review