Luna Noctiluca

ensemble theatre · concupiscence productions · Ages 16+ · United States

includes nudity world premiere

Luna Noctiluca is an adapted remix of the story of Salomé based on the works of Oscar Wilde and Charles Mee. In this tale of love, lust, and power, Salomé performs the dance of the seven veils in exchange for a certain biblical prophet’s head on a silver platter. This retelling raises provocative questions about women and sex in society, and the nature of humanity. Like the moon that shines by night, is there light in our darkness?

Production Team

tina corbett *


lottie frick *

production assistant

sedona ashley *


federico s. cruz *

first soldier

kristin bolinski *

stage manager

brooke silva *


arianne ousley *

the page of herodias

alex drattell *


danielle kelley *

makeup designer

kelby lenorman *

costume designer

brandon hitchcock *

the young syrian

sybil smith *

lighting designer

sharon miller *

dance of seven veils costume designer

* Fringe Veteran