Rodeo Town

ensemble theatre · bellwether bros. theater works · Ages 18+ · United States

world premiere


Named one of the top 10 most anticipated shows of Fringe Fest by
LA Weekly

“I kept thinking to myself: Is this one-act play as good as I think it is? Is this world premiere drama about the best suspense drama I have ever seen, ever? In truth, it is exceptional…” – Joe Straw, Number 9

“Not at all what I expected… Part western, part horror… The action is taut and the horror is just under the surface, threatening to break forth into your worst nightmare. Rodeo Town will inspire spirited conversation.” – Bob Leggett, LA Examiner

“If you want to see a moving and haunting piece about masculinity this summer, drop your plans for this upcoming weekend and head to Rodeo Town. …This play is great.” -Omar Najam, Life In LA

“A dark and sometimes comedic performance that keeps the audience in suspense… Excellent (cast).” – Jose Ruiz,

“4 very strong performances, with excellent set and lighting to boot. This is an interesting piece…” – Ian Federgreen, Fringe Blog

“The darkness in this play is hidden at first, slowly unfurling in layers until your skin crawls. …The acting was impeccable.” – Fayeruz Regan, Viva Lost Angeles


The Bellwether Bros. Theater Works is proud to present their flagship performance, “Rodeo Town.”

Somewhere in the desert, three frustrated cowboys and one hapless yuppie find that isolation breeds savagery in the world premier of Graham Bowlin’s newest psychological drama.

Both tender and darkly amusing, “Rodeo Town” is a moving inquiry into horror, compassion, and our ability to endure.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran