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ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 24, 2013
A very tight and polished show. The director had great control over what is a deceptively tricky piece. The cast had great chemistry, but Heather Lake is the stand out. I couldn't my eyes off of her. My only issue with the production is the play itself. It seems not in the spirit of a "Fringe Festival" to produce tried and true works. That being my one complaint, I am definitely going to see it again. If I can get tickets.... full review
ANTHONY RUTOWICZ uncertified reviewer June 09, 2013
I'm not a musical guy. Never have. But I enjoyed my time. The pacing, the singing, the actors, the pianist, all on key. I've heard of this musical and heard how much fun it is, well, this is a great place to make sure the version/production you see guarantees you a good time. Way to go & thanks for entertaining me. -Non-Musical, who could now be warming up to Musical, Anthony... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 09, 2013
[Title of Show]: Being a show that lets it's cast and concept do the walking, this show is a must-see as it was perfectly cast and executed. Despite it's stripped-down, minimalist setting and keyboard-only instrumentation, it has some surprisingly complex moments in it's songs that are pulled off, vocally and comedically, with pitch-perfect aplomb by this terrific foursome. TOS set a high bar for the other Fringe shows I'll be seeing this year.... full review
JIM MARTYKA uncertified reviewer June 10, 2013
A perfect Fringe show! Charming script, great direction, fun music and incredible actors. I am not a musicals guy and I had the silliest smile on my face for the entire show. This was the first show I've seen this year for Fringe and I plan on seeing A LOT more...but [title of show] has set a pretty high standard for the rest of them. I can't stress this enough. GO SEE THIS SHOW!... full review
MANDY MUENZER uncertified reviewer June 10, 2013
LOVED IT!!! Seriously, this is a MUST SEE!!! Fantastic comedic timing, impeccable musicality, and entertaining the whole way through! Furthermore, it couldn't be cast better! All five actors gave incredible performances!... full review
LIZ REINHARDT uncertified reviewer June 10, 2013
I've been looking forward to seeing [Title of Show] at Fringe ever since I found out it was in the works by some of my friends, as it's one of my favorites! I attended its second preview and I was certainly NOT disappointed. The entire cast was FAB-U-LOUS - energy, heart, great songs that were performed superbly, sarcastic and punny jokes delivered with ease - all in 90 minutes with not much more than the actors and their voices, the staging and amazingly-strong enthusiasm. They serious rocked TOS and did the show proud. If you love TOS, GO SEE IT. If you love theater but have no idea what TOS is, GO SEE IT.... full review
FAYERUZ REGAN uncertified reviewer June 10, 2013
Link to rave review on Viva Lost Angeles! full review
JOSH HILLINGER uncertified reviewer June 11, 2013
Total fun, total commitment, total energy, total package. I was a little skeptical at the opening number, but the actors won me over quickly. The story felt alive and was as exciting for the characters on stage as it was to watch from the audience. It's a great piece, and the company brought wonderful life to it. The show's text is clever and cute and fun and funny and totally exciting. I left the show singing about how I'd rather be "9 people's favorite thing." I found the girls in the show delightfully charming and hilarious at all the right times. Everyone felt real, and that to me is the difference maker. Great show!... full review
DARREN MANGLER uncertified reviewer June 14, 2013
When a cast loves each other and the show they are in, it's super evident on stage. These four actor/ singers were engaged, playful, monster talented and crazy charismatic. This will be the one show this year I'm jealous as hell I'm not in. The songs are catchy and the story line is a writers best and worst dream. Although it's very centered around New York and the Broadway scene, the references don't matter when you see the excitement in the actors face when talking about it. The music director, Jim Blackett, is a MAJOR FIND! When you have an amazingly talented music director, it takes a show from pedestrian to professional. Blown. Away. Corey Lynn Howe did everything right. The staging was still at the right times, kinetic at the right tim... full review
DANNY GROSSMAN uncertified reviewer June 13, 2013
Brilliant. Just thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. Outstanding performances by Julia, Heather, Travis, Chris and Jim, wonderful direction by Corey Lynn Howe, and a phenomenal book & score. Just great, great theatre - run don't walk to see this.... full review