The Time Machine Musical

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world premiere
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June 10, 2013 broadway world los angeles

My overall impression

I was at the preview performance on June 9 and agree that the sound problems caused the band, as good as they were, to overpower the singers. And I really wanted to know what they were singing. Having been a fan of the movie my whole life. I really wanted to LOVE this show, but walked away just liking it. The lead actor, Steve Altman, is wonderful and the ensemble numbers were fun to watch even if you could not understand all the words.

But why in the world did they leave the part of about what 5 books did he take back to the future with him? That certainly would have made for a much more interesting ending.

And I know this is a rock musical so is that the reason for the tie-dyed shits? Cannot figure that one out. A new generation awakening perhaps?

But this is a huge undertaking for 11 actors to perform 19 songs in one hour. Altman sings a lovely ballad while sitting on an upside down chair which very he very effectively uses as “the time machine.”

But I did walk out remembering the only timeless thing he found in life is love. And that made me smile all the way home.

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