Let me Out

ensemble theatre · mb stage productions · Ages 16+ · United States

world premiere

John, Luke, Jessica, Mona and Courtney have been friends all throughout high school. Once they graduated they went their separate ways…
The Year 2000
John and Jessica decided to break up and he went to a performing arts school to pursue a career in acting.
Luke and Jessica stayed behind and went to a community college.
Mona the responsible one went off and made new friends and had many new experiences.
Courtney found the man of her dreams but forgot to mention that to her best friend Mona.

Its a year later now and they’ve all come back together for that first summer after college, let the drama and comedy commence things aren’t always what they seem.

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RIght now its 2013 and things have really changed for the LGBT community… the thing it only 13 or so years ago things were much different. Coming out in high school in the late 90’s was not without consequences… even in college it wasn’t like it is today, we take a look at that. (not to say that now it isn’t fraught with challenges)

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