I Won't Tell

Two Person Show · university of north carolina school of the arts students · Ages 12+ · 30 mins · United States of America

world premiere
I Won’t Tell by Grace Woosley and Miranda Faria
-Directed by Daniel Rosales
The year is 1543. Somewhere between the Japanese Island of Tanegashima and the unknown seas, a Portuguese ship sets sail to return home with new goods from Japan. Two countries. An enslavement. And a long six month journey ahead. Two young girls find each other through the thick of the political chaos. Kira Yamamoto, a frail Japanese girl, has been stripped away from her family and forced into isolation on the Portuguese ship. Through a childish adventure, the bright-eyed youthful Portuguese, Maria Peixoto, stumbles upon Kira’s isolated room. Tensions arise when the girls reveal why they are on the voyage, causing them to divert their friendship.
The history of Japan and Portugal is one of friendship and peace tainted by colonialism, enslavement, and deep animosity; their ties are often overlooked. Paralleling the history within its narrative, the play explores the humanity behind written history. How can two young girls from feuding countries find common ground? How do we find a sense of home within the people we are trained to oppose?
Show Dates and Times:
June 10 @ 7PM
June 15 @ 5PM
June 20 @ 6PM

Production Team

miranda faria 

producer, writer

grace woosley 

producer, writer

* Fringe Veteran