Twins and Aliens: a Musical TED Talk

Musicals & Operas · charlotte moroz · Ages 13+ · 1hr · United States of America

Content Warning Pay What You Can one person show world premiere

In Twins and Aliens: a Musical TED Talk, Charlotte- a real-life twin- ponders all the duos and twin-nesses in her life. How extraterrestrial she feels as a twin, how alien her twin feels to her. A doctoral student in ancient mythology, Charlotte is studying a fringe quantum theory that proposes that our sun is in an enormous orbit with another distant twin sun. Enthralled by archaeology of ancient civilizations that points to this same theory, she begins to survey the excavation site of her subsequent pairings, her foibles in love and heartbreak: the desperate attempts to salvage something from the ruins, the loneliness of our patterns, and how to listen to our own persistent—however inconvenient—heartbeats. Charlotte weaves personal stories with mythologies, symbols, touring through ancient megalithic sites (that she is very much obsessed with), personal confessions, and original music. How can we grow and expand beyond our well-worn orbits? What, if anything, can we salvage from the dirt? 

Twins and Aliens begins as an earnest attempt at a TED Talk but quickly descends into the murky, mysterious emotional caverns lying under Charlotte’s fascination with ancient mythology, cosmology, and archaeology. The symbols of her life, in any human life, have a way of echoing the symbols in the heavens, the giant orbits of our small lives made large, expansive, unspeakably long-arching in the cosmos. One coming home inspires another: by landing in how she really feels about love and heartbreak, Charlotte comes home to her twin sister and to her ancestry, and sees a surprising, brave way ahead into the future.   

The show is full of word and lyrical imagery, all presented upon a simple, near blank stage. The single prop of the show emerges thanks to Charlotte’s desperate attempt to connect the dots and explain her origins: a curiously Y2K-looking walky-talky that connects her with a distant sun, a distant star that resembles her distantly orbiting twin sister. 

This 60-minute show will include:

1. Original music by Charlotte, sung by Charlotte

2. Twin-talk: talking about being a twin

3. Archaeology-talk: talk about ancient, mysterious, confounding archaeological sites

4. Alien-talk: talk about otherness, alienness, and actual literal talk about off-planet life and visitors to earth, both metaphoric and literal

5. Confessions: we’re talking puberty, sex, not very nice thoughts about exes, self-apiphanies, and potentially alienating hot-takes on society and some esoteric woo-woo subjects

6. Heart-warming lovability

7. Comfortable seating

A truly unique comedic, mythological, existential, heart-felt adventure!

The creative team includes:

Playwright, composer, performer, producer: Charlotte Moroz is a playwright, singer-songwriter, actor, and puppeteer. A graduate of the Groundlings Improv program (Intro through Advanced), Charlotte is currently studying Advanced Sketch Writing at the Groundlings School. Having relocated from New York City to Los Angeles in 2023, Charlotte is pursuing a doctorate in Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, CA. She recently self-funded and completed a 3-month tour of America (Taking America’s Pulse) to put on an improvised musical at each stop. After graduating from the Acting Conservatory at The Studio/New York, Charlotte went on to develop and perform original theater, holding a 4-year residency at Otto’s Shrunken Head stage, curating and performing a diverse array of improvised performances. Apprenticing with The Puppet Kitchen as a puppet builder and puppeteer, Charlotte went on to write, perform in and co-produce over 10 original shows with her co-founded company, The Society for Misfit Puppets, performing in an array of downtown New York theaters from 2015-2020, including Dixon Place, Judson Memorial Church, Standard ToyKraft, Arlene’s Grocery, and St. Lydia’s Church. Newly relocated, Charlotte has performed at the Groundlings School as well as the Crow Comedy Club in Los Angeles. Charlotte is currently developing a solo musical for the 2024 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Director: Katie Reeves Northlich is an Actress, Writer, Solo Performer and Four Time National Monologue Champion. She has select credits in Film, Television, and New York and International theatre. Katie has an extensive body of work in Commercials, and performs Comedy in Los Angeles. She teaches Acting at Conservatories and Colleges across greater LA, and she has just completed writing her first novel. UC Irvine: BA, Drama.

Poster design inspired by Eric Fraser’s amazing 1930’s designs. 

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