Bunkered Down: 132 Days In-Sanity

Solo Show · ian price · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
dark comedy
black box
one person show
world premiere

After what they believe to be a YTK-esque event, a doomsday prepper seals themself in their fallout bunker in hopes to wait out the horrors above. In this darkly-comedic one-person musical we ask: despite being ready for any scenario, can our apocalyptic hero survive 132 days alone? 

Written and directed by Lexe Behl and Billy Mauer, with music by Lexe Behl, Bunkered Down will bring you on a journey to the brink of Insanity. What does it take to survive the apocalypse? Can you find true love in a bunker by yourself? Where is that chirping coming from? All of these questions and more will be answered in six hilarious and entertaining songs. You may enter this bunker with our hero, but when you leave, will the world still be the same?

Production Team

billy mauer 

director, writer, co-lyricist

lexe behl 

musical director, composer, co-lyricist

* Fringe Veteran