The Dinner Party

Drama · bb bug productions · Ages 18+ · 50 mins · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere

When Duncan throws a dinner party for his long term partner, a secret that threatens to derail his entire life threatens to rear its ugly head. Having serious consequences for himself, and the people he claims to care for the most. A blend of Mystery, rom com, and psychological thriller, the Dinner Party shows what happens when our secrets, best intentions, and reactive choices come back to make us face the consequences of our own actions and how they affect those around us. 

Written by Erin McShane

Directed by Rebecca McGlynn

 Cast List:

Duncan: Ryan Harvey Pearcy

Penny:  Chloe Brewer

Tiffany: Elise Scarlott

Sophie: Erin McShane/ Sheree Abate (June 25th and 29th)

Cameron: Ben Paddon

Chris: Eric Toms (June 9th and 15th)/ Alexis Neideffer

Voice: Rebecca McGlynn

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Carissa Main

Adrian Fernandez

Katie Warren

Pansy Dooley

Kristi McDowell

Larry Clarke

Sean Mills


Our generous anonymous donors. 

Production Team

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