Castles in the Crimson Flame

Drama · ensembletenshi · Ages 5+ · 1hr · United States of America

Multi-Lingual Performance world premiere

Castle in the Crimson Flames takes the audience in the warring states period, Sengoku Jidai, 16th century Japan.

 Sengoku Jidai, when all the powerful Lords are batttling each other, aiming to conquer and unify Japan. This is a story of Chacha, a niece of legendary Lord Nobunaga Oda, who is killed when his dream of unifying entire Japan was only before the nose of him. Soon, Nobunaga’s most trusted vassel, a genius battle leader and politician, Hideyoshi Toyotomi takes the power and unifies Japan.  Despite the fact that both Chacha’s father and mother were killed in the blazing castle by lost war against Hideyoshi, Hideyoshi desires to make Chacha one of his courtesans. Now it is the time when no one could refuse the ruler of the country, Chacha becomes his mistress.

 This story is about a violently fateful life of Chacha who was hungry for power and love, and did whatever it took to reach for it, about the tragedy of women in the warring period, and about the aesthetic life of Lords in the Snegoku Jidai, who thrived and endeavored beyond their limit to demonstrate a way of samurai heroes and ideal way to end their life as a legendary warriors. The story captures the most beautiful and dramatic time in Japanese history through the eyes of one tragic woman who was hungry for life. 

June 2024, Ensemble Tenshi, producing company, director, writer of 2-time award nominated production of “Shizuka” (Broadway World Regional Award – Los Angeles) delivers their new epic play at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2024! 

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Production Team

alexander collins  *

actor:mitsunari ishida/ 石田三成

yukari black *

producer/ artistic director

tomoko karina *

writer/ director

vasilissa zhulavleva *

actor:saksuke sarutobi/ 猿飛佐助

dan pousson *

actor:kiyomasa kato/ 加藤清正

stan kowalski  *

actor:nobunaga oda/ 織田信長

clement bowen *

actor:harunaga ohno/ 大野治長

luce metrius *

actor:yukimura sanada/真田幸村

* Fringe Veteran